Host / Hostess Gifts

It’s holiday time and if you are one of the lucky ones, you have been invited to a holiday celebration and getting off the hook preparing your home for the special event.

Part of being a good guest is showing your gratitude.  Not only in helping with kitchen duties, but it’s always nice to remember your host in a special way.  Here are some of the ideas we came up with.  What would you add?

1. Cutting/Serving Board

Everywhere you look today, you will find specialty boards designed for cheese, deli snacks, appetizers – wooden or marble are both great!

2. Drink Coasters

Over time, we tend to misplace the coasters we have – or they get a bit worn and we don’t think to replace them.  Match your host’s personality with a new set. 

3. Flavored Olive Oils / Vinegar

Think about it – you want to try them, but can’t justify the “splurge” for yourself.  Gift someone with a bottle or two. 

4. Holiday Towels

Whether you choose for the kitchen, half bath or master suite, a touch of whimsy sets the tone for festivities.

5. Candles / Scented Warmers

Yes, we all have them in our homes.  Small jar candles or the trendy room diffusers using wax warmers are always appreciated.

6. Breakfast!

Your host went to great lengths getting everything ready for dinner.  Why not treat them with a fresh coffee cake or pastry from the local bakery or a gift card to one of the chain bakeries?

7. Coffees / Teas

A sampler pack of coffees / teas, along with flavored creamers or sugars, presented in a small basket with cloth napkins will make your host feel appreciated.

With holiday season upon us, take the moment to show your appreciation in a special way.  You’ll be glad you did. And … happy holidays to you and your family & friends from Signature Real Estate Services.